Almost Done

Words (?) and music Bob Dylan
Played, more or less improvised, on the Verona and Beverly Theatre rehearsals, May 1984
Tabbed and transcribed (sort of) by Eyolf Østrem

It seemed meaningless to try and transcribe the mumbling on the Beverly Theatre version (May 23). Verona was a little less meaningless...

Verona rehearsal tape, May 27 1984, #1


I stood by
I stood by you
Stood by her
Oh don't be untrue
It's already there
for to see the one
oh now she rode
She's almost done

Almost done
Almost done
Palestine glow [girl]
You're the one
[Oh not I know]
It might not do
It's already done
for light and blue

Almost done
almost done
but I don't stand missed
but you're the one
oh you're the child
I'm a-trustin' you
to trust me down
just trust me too

Take #2

Intro and fill between verses:

(the C#m is actually a C#m7 (9-11-9-9-9-9).)

|   . . . ; . . . | . . . ; . .   .   |
C#m       B     A         A B C#m C#m   repeat

All the night
fortune don't last
Gonna be lucky,
more than in the past
It's already there,
Already new
Oh, trust in me,
I'll trust in you

So goodbye
[sob me the pros] :-) [or: "save me the prose"?]
goodbye baby
would you hold me close
hold me close
or say goodbye
[moon up by night]
in [the empty] the sky