I'm Not There (1956)

Bob Dylan
Recorded during The Basement Tapes sessions (1967), and released (unofficially) on the Genuine Basement Tapes.
Lyrics transcribed by J.W. Mahoney, with some emendations to make it sound more like a meaningful text (which I don't think it necessarily has to be; see this note for a short explanation of why).
Here's a different transcription
And just for the record: “(1956)” is part of the title, not the year of writing.
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

Capo 4th fret (original key B major)

The Gs are regularly embellished by 320003-3x2013-320003-turns.

Well it's alright

she'nay she's all the time in my
she cried both day and night,
I know it because it was there.

It's a milestone
but she's down on her luck,
and she daily salutin
but to make him hard to buck,

I bevaid ...
I believe where she stopping
if she wants time to care,
I believe that she'd look upon
deciding to care,
and I go by the Lord
in a way she's on my way,
but I don't belong there.
No I don't belong to her,
I don't belong to anybody,
she's my prize forsaken angel
but she don't hear me cry.

She's a long-hearted mystic
and she can't carry on,
when I'm there she's alright,
but she's not, when I'm gone
Heaven knows that the answer
she's don't call in no-one,
she's the way, a sailing beautiful,
she's mine, for the one,

and I loss a heavy tension,
by temptation less it runs
but she don't allah me
but I'm not there, I'm gone.
Now I've cried tonight
like I cried the night before,
and I'm knees on the hassle,
but I dream about the door.

So-long Jesus-saken,
blind fate, with a tell,
it don't hang contonation
she's my ald fare-thee-well.
Now when I'll treat the levee,
I was born to love her,
but she knows that the kingdom
weighs so high above her,

and I run but I race,
but it's not too fast a sleoun,
but I don't perceive her,
I'm not there, I'm gone.
Well it's all about deffusion
That I cry for her veil,
I don't need anybody now
beside me to tell

And it's all affirmation
I recieve, but it's not,
She's a lone-hearted beauty
but she's gone like the spot
if she waoun...
Yes, she's gone like the rainbow
that was shining yesterday
but now she's a-home beside me
and I'd like her to stay

she's a bone-forsaking beauty
and it don't trust anyone,
and I wish I was beside her,
but I'm not there, I'm gone.
Well it's a too hard to stake-in,
and I don't bart-b'lieve
It's all bag for tebusing,
but she's hard, too hard to leave.

It's alone, it's a crime
the way she moult me around
was she told for to hate me
by this dong fortaken clown.
Yes I believe that it's rightful,
oh I believe it in my mind,
I b'told like I said when I before
carry on the crying,

and she's all good to told her,
like I said, carry on,
I wish I was there to help her,
but I'm not there, I'm gone ...