Lord, Protect My Child

Words and Music Bob Dylan
Recorded May 3, 1983 during the Infidels sessions, and released on The Bootleg Series 1-3 (1991)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

C/g |: G  .  .  . C/g :|

For his age, he's wise
C                     G      C/g  G
He's got his mother's eyes
There's gladness in his heart
                    D       G/d D
He's young and he's wild
G       G7
My only prayer
C                 Cm
is, if I can't be there,
G    D           G
Lord, protect my child

As his youth now unfolds
He is centuries old
Just to see him at play makes me smile
No matter what happens to me
No matter what my destiny
Lord, protect my child

While the world is asleep
You can look at it and weep
Few things you find are worthwhile
And though I don't ask for much
No material things to touch
Lord, protect my child

He's young and on fire
Full of hope and desire
In a world that's been raped, raped and defiled
If I fall along the way
And can't see another day
Lord, protect my child

There'll be a time I hear tell
When all will be well
When God and man will be reconciled
But until men lose their chains
And righteousness reigns
Lord, protect my child