Annie's Going To Sing Her Song

Written by Tom Paxton
Recorded 4 March 1970 during the Self Portrait sessions, and released on Bootleg Series 10: Another Self Portrait (2013)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

G                  D
What's your hurry? Just watch this.
C               G
This is one you mustn't miss;
C                G
Annie's going to sing her song
         D             G
Called, 'Take me back again.'
A drink for me, a drink for you.
You're going to need a drink or two.
Annie's going to sing that song
called, "Take me back again."
    C              G 
You never heard it sung before?
  D               G
I hear it twice a month or more;
   C                    G
Complete with tears and sheepish grins,
   C                 D
It only lacks the violins.
The tune goes flat from time to time,
The lyric sometimes it fails to rhyme,
But Annie's going to sing her song
Called, "Take me back again."
Sometimes it lasts the whole night long,
Depends on how long she's been gone.
I sit and look as hard as nails.
She knows the damn thing never fails.
Take the bottle, fill your cup,
Don't miss the part where I fold up.
Annie's going to sing her song
Called, "Take me back again."
Final verse not sung by Dylan:

It isn't Annie's only tune,
The other I'll be hearing soon.
Next week, tomorrow, or today,
She sings it when she goes away.