Church of Bob
A theological (uh, sorry: bobological) challenge

NEW: Dylan wins fifth annual International Yogi Competition

The facts are incontravertible: Bob Dylan is a jew, he came from the North country (but with a mythical past in the very south - in Gallup, New Mexico), where he used to be a Zimmerman (i.e. carpenter), he did his most important work farther south at the age of 33 (see the calendar), he has prophetic skills, he plays harp...

An inevitable conclusion must be that there should also be a Church of Bob. Now there is one.

In these pages you will find a brief survey of the history of Church of Bob, a list of important bobist saints, a list of all the annual feasts in the church year, as well as liturgical regulations for the celebration of these feasts. There is also a survey of the most important elements of the bobist faith.

The Church of Bob is constantly evolving. YOU can contribute. Write us!