Harp Links

Those of you who were not born with a harp in both of your fists, may find something of interest in this annotated list of links to general harp sites.

Harping MIDI player (Javier Argomedo)
An exellent site for the beginner/intermediate player. Contains lessons which will take you through the essentials of straight and cross (blues) harping, as well as a program ("Harping") for converting MIDI files to harp tabs. Highly recommended!

The Harp FAQ
(not working at the moment)

The official Harp-L World Wide Web Page. Lots of links, mainly.

Chris Michalek's World Harmonica Page
Nice site, with interesting information on harmonica playing in other music styles, like chinese, indian and arabic music.

The Bluesharp Page
"a web site devoted to the history and lore of Blues Harmonica". Historically oriented, contains also a few mini-lessons.

Harp-L archive
Contains all articles sent to Harp-L, the hwy61-l of harp players, since 1993.

Not really a Harp site, but the site contains some useful harp stuff, lots of sound clips, biographical notes on the great bluesmen etc. This is a veritable Pleasure Dome of the Blues.

FAQ, info, lessons and a possibility to ask questions.

Two more sites with lessons, general info, links etc.: www.gindick.com and www.angelfire.com/tx/myquill/