Willie Nelson
as sung on the VH1 Storytellers album with Johnny Cash (released 1998)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

This version is full of Willie's loose licks and tricks, bass runs and chord passages, anything I ever found charming about his playing style. One reviewer thought that "Willie gets a little too fancy with his guitar pickin' " here. Well, OK, perhaps, but what's wrong with a little fancy?

C#m7-5    x4200x
G+/d#     xx1003
C/g       335553 (at "new")
Abm6      486444 (yes, it's a stretch ...)
Gm6       375333 (this one too)
Eo        xx2323 - xx5656 - xx8989   (the chord is moved up in three steps)
The Em (at "wanted") is really nothing more than a quick -2h3p2- on the fourth string, but harmonically some sort of Em is implied.

    C       /c-b-bb
I'm Crazy, 
A                    Dm
crazy for feeling so lonely
crazy,                                             *) C   C#m7-5 Dm  G+/d#
                     C     C#m7-5  Dm  G+/d#  *)    |--------------1----3---
crazy for feeling so blue                           |----1----0---3----0----
C           /c-b-bb                                 |---0----0---2----0-----
I knew                                              |--2----2---0----1------
      A                      Dm     Em   Dm         |-3----4----------------
you'd love me as long as you wanted                 |-----------------------
And then someday
                            C/g    Abm6   Gm6   F#
you'd leave me for somebody new
                    C           /b-c-c#  *)        *)  C/g                /b-c-c#  D
why do I let myself worry?                          |----------------------------|-2--
D             Dsus4 D                               |----------------------------|-3--
Wond'ring                                           |----0-----------------------|-2--
                        G       G+/d#               |---2--3-2-0-3-2-------------|-0--
what in the world did I do?                         |--3-------------------2-3-4-|----
C         /c-b-bb                                   |-3--------------------------|----
    A                           Dm        Em Dm
for thinking that my love could hold you
F         Em         F         Eo
crazy for trying and crazy for crying
        Dm        G      C      F   Dm7    
And I'm crazy for loving you

 G/d  /g-a-b-c-d-e-f-g-a-b-c  Cmaj7