City Of Models

Written by Dan Bern
Released on Smartie Mine (1998)
Tabbed by Eyolf strem

[intro & riff]

  Am                F       G
  :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .    
Am                          F          G
 Even the little girls have caught the disease 
Am                           F         G        A
 Even the little girls bring grown men to their knees 
                               D      E    Am
Walkin' down the street you're like a mannequin 
Am                            F    G   A
 Leafin' through the pages of Cosmopolitan 
A       E       F#m 
 In the city of models 
D                E 
 Strip shows and one night stands 
A E      F#m 
 City of models 
D        E       Am 
 City of perfect tans 
You're invisible So it's okay to stare 
Impossibly high asses Float nine feet in the air 
Every step is hot The sand is neon blue 
Wish you were here So you could be beautiful too 
In the city of models 
City of one night stands 
City of models  
City of perfect tans 
It's all right 
     A                        B 
Everybody and their brother tonight 
Gonna be lookin' at each other 
Look at each other 
Into skirts and pants The long, long legs are poured 
Inside of halter tops The big, soft things are stored 
Someone's sleeping By the sidewalk grocery store 
Get me out of here I can't take anymore 
Of the city of models 
Strip shows and one night stands 
City of models 
City of perfect tans