Part II
Harmony and Understanding

5 ‘What I learned from Lonnie’
 Secrets in the back room
 Melodies out of triplets – Axioms and numbers
 Rhythm: The Link Wray ‘Rumble’ connection
 Numbers: Dylan the Pythagorean
 Melody: Three times 2, and 7 and 4
 Formulaicism: Inventive Redundancy
 A translation
6 Three Tambourine Men
 Preamble: The Song – A carneval in sound
 First Man: Drammenshallen, 1981
 Second Man: Cascais, 1993
 The Third Man: Vienna, 1999
7 Just Like A Woman Revisited
8 The propelling harmony of ‘Dear Landlord’
 Level 1 – the Dry Description
 Level 2 – the Harmonic Analysis
 Level 3 – the interpretation
9 In the Garden