Answerphone Message

Written by Bob Dylan, I assume
Recorded from his answerphone in Malibu in 1975, according to Alan Fraser
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

The version with a name in the first line and “he” in the second makes most sense, but I can't hear which name he is singing.

     G              C
Well [...] ain't at home right now      [Andr?] [/I ain't quite at home...]
   D                 G
He can't come to the phone              [/I ...]
   G                   C
so leave your name and number
         D                  G
when you hear that lonesome tone

G  .  D  .  G

    G              C
I'd gladly talk to you right now
    D             G
I'd like to guarantee
    C                G
but I can't speak on his behalf
     D              G
'cos I'm not really he