I'll Be Around

Written by Hank Snow
Performed once by Bob Dylan, in Hollywood, CA (of all places) August 4, 1988
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

    C                F            C
I'm glad I've got to see you once again
               G                     C
although we're through, I still love you
  C               F               C
I guess I have to call you just a friend
        G                    C
Someone new has just stepped in

  G                                 C
I try to tell my heart that I don't need you
G                            C
But I know that it is just a lie
    C              F                   C
And if someday his love should prove untrue
         G                          C
I'll be around when he has said goodbye.

frequent fill-in figure at the end of the first and third lines in the instrumental verse:

|-000---2---4--going to--0--or--2--- and then to G