Till I Get It Right

Written by Larry Henley/Red Lane
Sung by Regina McCrary during the 1980-81 gospel tour
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem from the performance in Portland, OR, Dec 4, 1980

I'll just keep on

falling in love
till I get it right
 Right now I'm like
 a wounded bird
C               Gm7  C7
 Hungry for the sky
 But if I try my way,
        G    (E7/g#)
and try long enough,
    C7/Bb                 F
I'm bound to learn how to fly
 So I'll just keep fallin',
F           G
 fallin' in love
C       F/c    C
 Till I get it right

My door of love
has opened out
More times than in
And I'm either a fool,
or a wiser woman
To open it again
Cause I'll never know
what's beyond the mountain
till I reach the other side
So I'll just keep on,
falling in love
Till I get it right
 If practice makes perfect,
C7                   F                 Ab
 then I'm as perfect as I'll ever be
So I'll just keep on,
F           G
 falling in love
C             D/c
Till I get it right
F       G11    C
[Till I get it right]
C             C
I'll just keep fallin',
fallin' in love
                      F     G11
I'm gonna keep fallin',
till I, till I, till I get it right
C                     D/c
[I'll keep falling in love,
F                    C
I'll keep falling in love]