The Times We've Known

Words and music Charles Aznavour
Performed by Bob Dylan in the Madison Square Garden, November 1, 1998
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem


D#dim   x01212
E6      022120
E7      020100

The times we've known are slipping by
Iike vapour trails across the sky
The best of times, the worst of times
              A     (Asus4 A)
Have come and gone

The years of debt, the years of doubt
the years of 'what's it all about?'
Of holding fast, and holding out
And holding on

              D                C#7
When life was hard and chances few
Still I was rich in having you
Though people said we wouldn't go far
We went ahead and here we are

         A              /c#
Together still remember me
Together still through everything
    A     E     A
The times we've known

Sometimes the years were lush and green
Sometimes we lived on hope alone
A little bit of both have been
The times we've known

Some lucky flings, some rotten breaks
Some funny things, a few mistakes
The dreams that every dreamer takes
And makes his own

The time to laugh, a time to cry
A time to let the world go by
And if there were some tears to pay
No one can take those years away

On fragile wings our days have flown
              D                  D#dim
Still we have things to call our own
    A     E     C#    F#
The times we've known
    D     E6 E7 A
The times we've known