To Fall In Love With You

words (?!) and music (!) Bob Dylan
Recorded during the Hearts of Fire sessions 27-28 aug 1986
Tabbed and transcribed by Eyolf Østrem

Your words aren't clear. I turned this song down for a long time, thinking that wasn't worth the effort transcribing it, and that it's a shame that such a beautiful tune has such undecipherable lyrics, probably improvised on the spot. But I couldn't resist it, of course. Most of the lines below are just reasonably close approximations to sounds that could have made sense in a better world. I don't even think there is a word like “deverthisse” in English, nor can I think of a context that will make the phrase “How can the doors a trust on a nail” make sense. Oh well . . .

At least the music is a delight. The tune is in B major, but for the first eight lines the tune isn't anywhere near a B chord. It would have made a beautiful song had he bothered to finish it--certainly the best song from that soundtrack. It is also quite similar to “Almost done”, another discarded gem-to-be.


  F#      E
A tear go down
   F#     E
my day is real
         F#    G#m
but your dying eye
  F#     E
upon the same
    F#        E/g#
and need just road
    F#      E
for me from you
     F#  G#m
what paradise
     F#    E
what can I do?
That die for my
and the day is dark
I can['t] believe
         F#     E
[for the end of time]
What I could find
Oh time is rye-ou-lou
'f I fell in love
   F#      E
To fall in love
   F#      G#m
To fall in love
F#   B
with you

The day is dark
our time is right
day in the night
deep in the night
I came [dev] be back
I hear-a my-a surprise
I see it in you live
I knew it in your eyes
well I feel your love
and I feel no shame
I can't unleash your horde
I call your name
What were to me
What can I do?
To fall in love
To fall in love
To fall in love
with you

It just rolls
upon the sand
[deverthisse] now
I made the man
can make you feel
what I can find
I know it in my days
Ah in my dreary mind
Oh will ages roll
Will ages fly
I hear your name
where angel lie.
What do I know?
for to come it's true
To fall in love
To fall in love
To fall in love
with you

How can the doors
a trust on a nail
how can I be surprised
of most everything
ah in the distant road
I can['t] be the same
I feel no love
I kill no shame
I can't watch the bay
Out on my an own
we've a destined man
I came atist it all
[I didn't] I could find
Where I could go
To fall in love
To fall in love
To fall in love
with you