Waltzing With Sin

Performed by Bob Dylan and the Band during the Basement sessions (1967)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

Capo 2th fret (sounding key D major)

C               G             F                C
Some day you'll find that the world's left you out
   F             C                     G
No true love, no nothing just roaming about
C           G             F              C
Parties and people, and a cold heart within
    F                C               G             C
And each time you're dancing, you're waltzing with sin
       G                  C
You're Satan made over in perfect disguise
  D7                      G
Unfaithful, unworthy, and oh so unwise
  C        G            F            C
I pity the heart Of the next guy you win
     F           C            G             C
Like me he'll be losing while waltzing with sin