Lone Pilgrim

By B.F. White and Adgar M. Pace
Released on World Gone Wrong (1993)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem

Capo 2nd fret (original key D major)

* denotes a bass run: e-f : x32010 x33010

 C   G     C  Dm/f C   F     C   F   C         F           G     C       Csus4     C
 .   .     :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .     :
Csus4 C   F      C               F    G       C
I    came to the place where the lone pilgrim lay
                           G     C/g   G
And pensively stood by his tomb
F    C  Csus4 C         F     G         C
When in a low whisper I heard something say:
              G          C      Csus4  C
How sweetly I sleep here alone.
F   C  Csus4    C            F    G       C
The tempest may howl and the loud thunder roar
        *     C          G
And gathering storms may arise
F G C    Csus4 C           F    G     C
But calm is my feeling, at rest is my soul
          *       G             C
The tears are all wiped from my eyes.
 C   F     C       Dm  F     C       G   F     C           F     C
 .   .     :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .     :   .   .   .     :
C        F  G  C         F      G       C
The call of my master compelled me from home
                       G    C/g  G
No kindred or relative nigh
F G C                     F     G     C
I   met the contagion and sank to the tomb
        *       G          C     Csus4   C
My soul flew to mansion on high.
 C   G     C   Dm  F         C
 .   .     :   .   .   .     :
C       F  G   C         F   G         C
Go tell my companion and children most dear
                           G    C/g  G
To weep not for me now I'm gone
F G C    Csus4     C              F    G    C
The same hand that led me through seas most severe
              G        C      Csus4  C
Has kindly assisted me home.