Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane
Released on Christmas in the Heart (2009)
Tabbed by Eyolf Østrem


Gmaj7     354433 or xx5777
G7/6      323000
Em7       079787 or 020000
Am7       575555 or x02010
D7        x5453x or xx0212
Cmaj7     x35453 or 332000
Cm7       x35343
Bm7       x24232
Bbdim     x12020
D9        x54555
G6        320000
C#m7-5    x4545x
F#7+5     242332
E9        076777
Gmaj7  . Em7  .  | Am7 .  .  D7 |
Gmaj7  . Em7  .  | Am7 .  .  D7 |
Gmaj7           Am7                  D7
Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Gmaj7                Am7   D7
Let your heart be light
 Next year,
Am7                      D7     B7   E7  A7  D7
all our troubles will be out of sight.
Gmaj7           Am7                  D7
Have yourself a merry Iittle Christmas,
Gmaj7    Em7       Am7    D7
Make the Yule-tide gay,
Gmaj7      Em7
Next year, all
    Am7              B7     Em7    G7/6
our troubles will be miles away.
Cmaj7      Cm7
Once again
      Bm7        Bbdim
as in olden days,
      Am7        D9  Gmaj7   G6
Happy golden days of yore.
C#m7-5     F#7+5   Bm7(/a)         E9 
  Faithful friends who are dear to us
A7                      D9
Will be near to us once more.
Someday soon
   Am7           D7
we all will be together
Gmaj7    Em7       Am7    D7
  if the fates allow
Gmaj7     Em7
  Until then, 
      Am7            B7          Em7    G7/6
we’ll have to muddle through somehow
   Cmaj7      Bm7
So have yourself 
  Am7          D9        Gmaj7
a merry little Christmas now.