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If you have a request

Before you send it in:

1. First check the alphabetical list of songs to be sure that you haven't missed it (check for alternative titles/spellings too), especially if you have looked under some of the Greatest Hits or Biograph albums–the links there may not be up to date, but the complete list should be.

2. If what you're looking for is snipptes of lyrics, and you have questions like "which song does the line 'hum hum hum veneer hum hum' belong to?", use the search menu first, or go to the "search the lyrics" options at bobdylan.com, or google it. It's amazing how much information there is out there, if you just know where to look, and how.

3. The song beginning "You got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend" is called Positively 4th Street. "Eve of Destruction" is not a Dylan song, but a "Dylanesque rip-off" by Barry McGuire.


This site is a private undertaking, and I make the tabs as fast as I can and want. This shouldn't keep you from requesting songs, only from expecting them to appear immediately. They may, but they may not.