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NEw ALBUM: Rough and Rowdy Ways


It hasn't really been advertized much, but there is actually a facebook group for dylanchords. Join it if you like.

27 June 2020: I finally finished part one of my R&RW review, so far only about Murder Most Foul, but that may be enough, too, for a while?

22 June 2020: Added tabs that show Blake Mills' playing (as posted on Instagram) on some of the tracks.

21 June 2020: Basically done with the album.

19 June 2020: Rough and Rowdy Ways is beginning to appear. So far: Murder Most Foul, Black Rider, I've Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You, and I Contain Multitudes.

8 Apr 2020: Murder Most Foul is out.

A couple of Questions that are actually Frequently Asked (as opposed to those in the FAQ):

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This mirror is also available as a ZIP file which you are encouraged to download in case this mirror is forced offline.

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