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NB The site has moved to, with new features and new tabs only available there. That is where all updates take place. I strongly recommend you to go there instead.
This site remains operative, but I do not work on it any more.

It hasn't really been advertized much, but there is actually a facebook group for dylanchords. Join it if you like. You'll get the news first! Other than that: no advantages. Your life will be just as happy or as miserable as it was before. Mine might be better, though.


What you are looking at is a fairly unofficial mirror of Eyolf Østrem's, much of which is temporarily unavailable due to the American Music Publishers' Association (MPA)'s "rattling of sabres against tab sites". Thankfully I have been able to track down a recent copy of the site, which I have uploaded as a service to fellow guitar-playing Dylan fans who may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

This mirror is also available as a ZIP file which you are encouraged to download in case this mirror is forced offline.

Please see the Mail page if you would like to contact Eyolf Østrem, the creator of the original Dylanchords site.