3So why didn’t I boo? The short answer is: Good question – you got me there. A slightly longer answer is: because I’m brought up to be polite and not make noises while other people make noises which other people again want to hear. The full answer is: I did – I do, by writing about it, by applying a critical perspective (not in the sense of ‘being negative’, but in the wider sense of ‘involving careful evaluation and judgment’) to Dylan’s production, and communicating this. Granted, this calls for a modification of my statement above in order to count as ‘booing’, to something like:

‘If an artist consistently puts out sub-par performances, an explicitly critical response – which for the sake of argument and historical connections might be called “boos” (also in the cases where no audible sounds are uttered from the members of the audience at the time, individually or as a collective) – would be a more honest reaction than “it was a great concert: he smiled twice!!”, and it would in the end also be beneficial for the artist’.

Something like that. If this is cheating, then I admit: I didn’t boo.